cambrie callaghan also known as bleez
⤑ full name Cambrie Alison Callaghan ⤑ nicknames Cam ⤑ age + birth date JANUARY 10 + 30 ⤑ hometown Boston, Massachusetts ⤑ residence san francisco ⤑ occupation stripper by night ⤑ sexuality fluid ⤑ relationship status hard pass
When you have a father that's an alcoholic, workaholic and all around jerkaholic, and a mother that never wanted a child in the first place, adoption and the foster system seems like the way to go. That's essentially what Cambrie Callaghan was able to teach herself about her upbringing. For as long as she could remember, she was in and out of the foster system. Her parents gave her up for adoption not long after birth, and it was more or less up to her to make up her own origins story when she was old enough. Whether or not her father was a working, drinking, all around douchebag of a man and her mother child hating socialite, she would never be entirely sure, but it's what she was able to tell herself to get over.

Due to her knack for getting into trouble and being a bit of a rebellious soul, Cambrie found it hard to stay in one home for very long. Unlike most kids she grew up with, it wasn't that she didn't like her foster family or the rules they set in place for living under their roof, it was only because they couldn't tame her. As a youngster, she was something of a wild child and found herself in trouble constantly. At least for the most part, she was more or less just a victim of circumstance and found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. She and her foster sister that were mostly a package deal would find themselves in bad situations all the time. In her early teens, she was busted a few times with incriminating notes from school (that she didn't write!) or paraphinalia in her backpack (that she swears wasnt hers!) and would go on to knowing the principal and vice principal of her school on first name basis. And sometimes, she would get into trouble for things that weren't even worth getting in trouble for. To this date she'll never understand why she was kicked out of her AP Physics class for putting a cookie in her mouth afterher teacher told her to get rid of it. She was only doing what he asked.

It's easy to say she was a very misunderstood kind of child. From the time she was in her early teens all the way up into more recent years, Cambrie caught a lot of flack for the things she's done. More than once she was caught stealing food and toiletries from a local convenience store or CVS, and when asked what she had planned on doing with those items, she answered truthfully by telling the cops or store managers that she planned on giving them to her less fortunate friends. Her heart was always in the right place, but it was often hard for Cambrie to learn what was right and what was wrong. She had a bit of a Robin Hood complex and would steal from the stores in order to bring needed supplies and sustenance to people she befriended in shelters and on the street. Her heart was truly with them and she wanted to see that they were comfortable and taken care of, even if she couldn't do more about it.

One of her favorite past times growing up in the city was studying people. Even in high school, Cambrie had found herself enamored by the idea of psychology and the study of human behavior. For years, she would sit back and study people she saw on the streets, remaining quiet and still but learning all about their movements and the ways they used their bodies to talk. This would eventually fuel her desire to go on to college and study psychology, realizing that her gift in reading people could actually get her into a position of helping them if she had the right kind of education backing her up. Unfortunately, the silent killer of her dreams that she had fought for years during primary schooling, would inevitably be her downfall. After a full year of college, Cambrie took the fall semester of her second year off after struggling with her extreme dyslexia. Although she had fought with it during middle and high school, and of course during her younger years, without the help of her current foster parents or tutors, she felt as if she didn't fit in. Her disability, although minor on the grand scale, made her feel tainted and as if she didn't belong. There was a level of anxiety she developed over it, even leading herself to believe that people would know and judge her for her problem. This prompted her break from college, though she has yet to go back.

Due to a strain between her and her foster parents, Cambrie had moved out of their house and stayed with friends as often as she could. It was easier when she was in college, because even when she didn't have places to stay, she found herself able to crash in the student commons and freshen up before class the following morning. Once she had taken a break from school, she didn't have quite the same luck and became a notorious couch surfer and was more familiar with shelters now than she was before. It wasn't until a friend of the family she had been adopted by let them know that they had seen Cambrie in this distressful position that things began to look up.

Despite not being close with her family, she appreciated them welcoming her back home. She feared going back home with the news that she was taking a break from college to sort things out and sort of find herself would anger them, but they were able to work through it. Cambrie did get some help, though she's still taking a break from college and trying to find herself all over again. She'd moved in with forever best friend Maddie and together they rent an apartment that's more or less a Pinterest DIY nightmare, though it feels more like home than anything else could be. ”

Bleez was the daughter of Lord Recco and Lady Bluuz, a very influential family on her home planet of Havania. She grew to be the most beautiful woman on her planet and had many suitors who wished for her hand in marriage. However, she turned down all her suitors and some of them grew angry for this denial. Two particular individuals- Baron Ghazz and Count Liib made contact with a well-known member of the Sinestro Corps, and convinced him to attempt to court Bleez- knowing that she would reject him because he had no wings.

When the Yellow Lantern was turned down by Bleez he was infuriated and decided to kill Bleez's family and kidnap her. Bleez was raped multiple times by the Lantern and his comrades and the despair and hatred eventually called upon a Red Ring and she became a Red Lantern. Driven completely incoherent by her blinding rage, she was brought to Ysmault where she joined the Red Lantern Corps under their leader Atrocitus.


  • parents share similar names
  • was attacked by someone she turned down multiple times
  • very angry at a lot of things (she goes to therapy though)
  • bleez was royalty, cam is the product of socialite breeding
  • very selective with her suitors


  • red lantern power ring + battery
  • flight
  • rage construct creation
  • energy projection
  • napalm blood
  • napalm projection
  • accelerated healing
  • energy resistance
  • increased strength
  • increased durability
  • Haemopotent Replication
  • rage empowerment
  • illusion creating
  • rage imbueing
  • havanian physiology
  • intimidation
  • leadership
  • mother father beatrice rocky


  • Adopted, but currently knows her aunt on her biological mothers side.
  • Very outgoing and boisterous. She likes to be the life of the party and doesn't let anything pass her by.
  • Doesn't fancy commitment in anyway. She finds it constricting and chooses to live and love freely. On the other end of the spectrum, she is highly selective and picky when it comes to suitors and won't fall for anything.
  • Flighty at best. She's not the most dependable person on the planet, nor is she punctual, but her heart is always there and she means very well.
  • Learning to con people, has become a stealthy pick pocket.
  • Loves to sit and watch people. For a year in college, cambrie studied psychology before taking the semester off and not returning. She's very adept at reading people and predicting their body movements.
  • The reason she left college was her struggle in learning due to her severe case of dyslexia. She felt tainted and that she didn't fit in all that well amongst her peers. Despite having only taken the semester off, her secret learning ability has made it hard for her to want to continue on with her education.
  • She lived on the streets for a short period of time while trying to find herself. She thought leaving home and going to college would help her find some sort of inner peace, but after cambrie recognized her shortcomings and feared going home to an already strained relationship with her adoptive parents, she couch surfed and occasionally drifted in and out of shelters during this time. Her parents were not disappointed with her and the realization of her disability brought them closer as the three of them sought out help.
  • She's a very private person despite being outgoing and social. She often lies about her first name and sometimes pretends she's someone else all together.

    personality coming soon!